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And what those others said to me it just hurt me and a lot how some others treat you meanly and like don't even care.
And I know I shouldn't have let them get to me sighs its just I take every little thing so well too much and I can't believe they got the better of me sighs. That time I didn't even wanna be bothered with those people. I just with that they would like leave others alone and everything. And yes I know I took the girl thing to far I should have just be myself and let things go but I know I probably don't even get to come back.

The only thing I really like about the site its like a lot is there and no where else I just felt I had more to do there than anywhere.
Hello and I know I sorta took the little thing poele been talking about me too far on its just instead of moping around being sad like they wanted me to do. I just went full on crazy letting myself loose which even if no one found out wasn't supposed to be like that. And I didn't even know what I was supposed to do about that and sighs. Others always kept on going on about me and Tyler.

And I know part was my fault because at one point or another when I saw Tyler bothering girls I did try to help him or at least stop him from doing it. He kinda listened but still did so. That's the only reason I did that. And I should have never interfered with Tyler's dealings in the first place.

And the forums with the topics to be honest with that I always browsed the forums when there wasn't much to speak of on the profiles so I just went on forums and talked there. And about being stupid the whole.........…
girl and others was really getting on my nerves. well the ones who he talked to on his profile kept dissing and stuff.  :(  And sighs I just went out of control cause if they was like oh he's all faggot and stuff I went with it.
Happy Birthday!! :party:
ff1i9htnin9 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you < 3
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